Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dear readers - my profile

Ok so I posted my profile and my blog all over the websphere. It is in friendster, hipster, dogster, monster, whatever . . .

If you got here from those sites, then at least I know I piqued your interest . . .

Anyway, in case you want to know more of me, here I am and what I do and why I do what I do.

Am 40ish, currently single, married once and it did not work out, so you can say I have grown in wisdom over the years.

I run a humble call center and work as its technology executive. In addition to this, I have a small internet cafe on the side. I also do consultancy work in Information Technology, Technology Project Management, and Information Security. I am a college degree holder and a Masters degree holder in Information Technology.

I don't drive a fancy car. No Benzes, No BMWs, no huge gas-guzzling Ford F-150s or Expeditions. Just a simple Honda CRV but with a good car stereo system. I love music and I listen to all kinds of music, jazz being my favorite. I take my movies very seriously, prefer watching movies than pirated DVDs, have a 5.1 home-theater system and my all-time favorites, in no particular order, are Godfather, Pulp Fiction, and Citizen Kane.

I am HIGHLY SEXUALLY DRIVEN. As in I can't seem to get enough. I have no other vices. I don't smoke. I don't drink. I don't really gamble (just the occassional visit to casinos). I don't do drugs (though I tried marijuana, coke, and LSD; never heroin, never shabu or ecstasy or whatever are the designer drugs out there). I just plain and simple love sex. I love to please a woman, spoil her, treat her like a queen. I travel a lot, most often to Singapore, sometimes to Hongkong, and I do bring a lady friend at times with me.

I am not a flamboyant dresser; I like plain, classic clothes. I workout often but I do not have a chisled body nor any sort of six-pack. Am just slim. I am not a very religuous person so please don't discuss religion or even attempt to preach to me. I live for fun and I never take life too seriously. I love to party. I love to meet people. And did I say that I love sex? So I have no plans of a permanent relationship. I am passionate and insatiable in bed, and my sexual appetite seems endless. But don't get me wrong, I still take time out to help people, and every Christmas I visit a nearby orphanage---helps keep me grounded in life.

And my motto in life: Work hard. Party long. Help people. Die broke.

Monday, November 28, 2005

What is it with me?

I have little vices. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. My drinking is limited to social drinking--- a few glasses of wine or a few bottles of beer with the boys. I don't gamble---last time I went to a casino was probably 6 months ago.

But I do love sex. Sex with a capital X. I can't seem to get enough of it. There was a time when I had sex with a girl in the morning (about 8 am before going to work, came twice) then with another girl (a model) in the evening (came thrice, but the third was really a struggle and I didn't think I could make it). I would swear to myself that I would lay off sex for a week, but I find myself drawn to it the next day.

I do have a "fuck buddy." She is an ex-GRO from Genie. She calls when she needs to get laid. I call when I need to get laid. Call me selfish but if she is not around and I need to get laid, I go elsewhere. If I am in a bar and I see a girl that I like, I will make a go for her and see if I get lucky. If my friends invite me to a "boy's night," I will still get laid.

But don't get me wrong. She is still special for me. She never fails to please me. She dresses up sexily for me. Once she did an erotic dance for me and it drove me wild. When I travel and I get horny, I call her up and she does phone sex for me. She will always be my first choice.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Mac vs Windows

Saw a blog today on Apple Macintosh. You can also read it at

While the blog was insightful, it does not present the whole picture.

First of all, the selling point of the Macintosh is ease-of-use. The hardware compatibilities and graphical user interface are so intuitive that you can immediately set it up and operate it with almost know training whatsover. That is the point of the ad slogan: "The truth is Mac is for everyone."

However, that is not what the Mac is all about. I know the the Mac is more expensive than the Windows counterpart, but if you think about fully-loaded, the cost is not too far apart.

Consider first software. Of course, when comparing the price of a pirated copy versus the original copy, a pirated copy will ALWAYS be cheaper. If you compare original Windows software versus original Macintosh software, then you will see that the price is comparable. In its original version, Photoshop for Mac and Photoshop for Windows cost the same. Same with World of Warcraft.

Next, lets talk hardware. It is true that you can get a P20,000 Windows PC. I checked Villman and their P20,000 PC is a Celeron 2.26Ghz with 256Mb memory, 15" CRT monitor, 40Gb hard drive, 64Mb integrated video graphics. You still have to add in a copy of Windows XP (P5500). Good enough for internet surfing. But when we start talking about gaming or even the most basic photo manipulation software, believe me this baby will CRAWL! And a 40-gig hard drive? Where will you keep all your pictures and MP3s?

I admit that the lowest end iMac G5 is about $1500, but it already comes with 2.1Ghz PowerPC CPU, a 17-inch LCD monitor, 512Mb memory, 160Gb serial ATA hard disk, built-in wireless LAN, built-in bluetooth, basic video camera, basic software. I tried to build a comparable PC with approximately the same specs and you know what? The cost of a similarly-powered PC was more expensive!

Then add in the compatibility factor. Count the number of hours spent trying to get hardware to work in a Windows PC, downloading the latest drivers, installing the latest patches. Factor in the anxiety, frustration, headaches. Thrown in all those Windows vulnerabilities and patches.

Ok ok ok . . . I know that people will say that they don't need all that power that an iMac G5 can offer. But these people have not thought it through. The near future will see a merging of the TV, DVD players, and audio systems into one box. This is what the tech pundits call convergence. Think that this is still science-fiction? Consider this:

As network speeds become faster and cheaper, the internet will become the preferred distribution method. Already we can purchase download music through the internet. Apple in fact has already began to outsell traditional music retail stores. Apple iTunes has already begun the wave of downloadable TV shows and music videos. Movielink will soon offer 20th Century Fox movies for download. Podcasts are now becoming as mainstream as the radio shows of old. And instead of printing your pictures to show to your friend, you can display it as a slide show, with background music to boot!

And very soon, you will be able to run software through the web. And this is why tech experts are looking at Google and Yahoo as the next technology behemoths. And Microsoft is now playing catch up with their Microsoft Live web concept.

But I digress. To get all this content, you will need a powerful PC. And a P20,000 turtle will not be able to handle it.

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Whining selfish insecure cry-babies

There is this girl that I met from MYG. I won't go into specifics. She was just recently dumped by her boyfriend for 8 months. All she does is whine, whine, whine. About how much she misses the guy. How this Christmas will be sad without him. How he meant the world to her. So on and so forth.

Man oh man, please wake up. You were dumped for heaven's sake. And you want him back????? What the fuck. She keeps on mentioning in her blog that she wants him back as a Christmas gift. She then texts me on how she likes to shop. And also how she complains about herself. How she hates a friend of hers because this friend is too busy for her. How she was envious of another friend because she has a boyfriend. She goes out with a friend but then she complains that she can't stand her friend. Jeez, then why go????

These are the girls I can't stand AT ALL. I can take on bitchy babes. They at least give me a challenge. And it does boost my ego if I can charm them and soften them up. But whining selfish insecure cry-babies? You know, the ones who are so shallow that all they live for is shopping, who whine about their appearance, about their lives and their problems, BUT DON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?!

Live a life. Move on. Grow up. Take control of your life.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Home network

Finally got the whole home network. Here is the configuration at home.

One networked attached storage holding all my music and picture files.

One media PC beside my home theater system

One main PC at my bedroom. Here I play my computer games. Right now am into Civilization IV and World of Warcraft.

One laptop. Here is where I do most of my work because I take the laptop to office.

Internet connection via PLDT DSL connected to a wireless router.

Printer connected to the network via a wireless print server.

And I can also play my iTunes music through my home theater system via Airport Express and Airtunes. I can control the home theater system through any PC, even the laptop. I don't have to load any CD.

And when I am on the road, I have all my music files and my podcasts on my 40Gb iPod. Unfortunately, I don't have the new iPod with video.

Future music

I think the future of CDs is bleak. The music industry knows it. The software companies know it. And definitely the internet companies know it as well. Why else do you think Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft are into the online music distribution business?

Sales for MP3 players are rising. Network bandwidth is becoming cheaper and faster. Media devices are becoming mainstream and you can already stream music from your PC to your stereo equipment. In fact, it won't be long when MP3 compression, which is "lossy" in the sense that bit-data is lost during compression, will no longer be necessary and we begin to rely on lossless compression.

How will the future look? I think in the near future, CDs will no longer be the distribution media for music. Music will be available for downloading through the internet. You will be able to play this downloaded music through your PC, through a portable digital player, or streamed to your home audio system. The traditional "brick and mortar" CD and music shops will disappear, replaced probably by internet shops that allow the customer to download music to their portable device or burn to their own CDs. Music and record companies will shrink as and music artists will be able to publish their own music online. Studios also will face extinction as more and more home garage studios become prevalent.

And if you ask me, this will not be detrimental to any of the music artists out there. Music artists don't make money from CD sales anyway. It is the record studio that makes money from CD sales, and they are the ones who stand to lose. Music artists make money from live performances or for composing and playing music for other media like movies, TV shows, or commercials.

And personally I think this is how it should be. Let the money go to the artist and not the recording company.

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What is this about?

This is a little more personal blog. Compared to my "sister" blog
Men's Fun in the Philippines, the topics in this blog are more varied, touching on technology (I am a geek at heart), troubles at office (I am an executive in a multinational company, but don't bother asking me where), sex (I am perenially horny), the female species (to quote Tom Arnold from True Lies: "can't live with em, can't kill em"), life in Philippines (my home country), and other rants that may cross my mind.