Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Future music

I think the future of CDs is bleak. The music industry knows it. The software companies know it. And definitely the internet companies know it as well. Why else do you think Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft are into the online music distribution business?

Sales for MP3 players are rising. Network bandwidth is becoming cheaper and faster. Media devices are becoming mainstream and you can already stream music from your PC to your stereo equipment. In fact, it won't be long when MP3 compression, which is "lossy" in the sense that bit-data is lost during compression, will no longer be necessary and we begin to rely on lossless compression.

How will the future look? I think in the near future, CDs will no longer be the distribution media for music. Music will be available for downloading through the internet. You will be able to play this downloaded music through your PC, through a portable digital player, or streamed to your home audio system. The traditional "brick and mortar" CD and music shops will disappear, replaced probably by internet shops that allow the customer to download music to their portable device or burn to their own CDs. Music and record companies will shrink as and music artists will be able to publish their own music online. Studios also will face extinction as more and more home garage studios become prevalent.

And if you ask me, this will not be detrimental to any of the music artists out there. Music artists don't make money from CD sales anyway. It is the record studio that makes money from CD sales, and they are the ones who stand to lose. Music artists make money from live performances or for composing and playing music for other media like movies, TV shows, or commercials.

And personally I think this is how it should be. Let the money go to the artist and not the recording company.

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