Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Home network

Finally got the whole home network. Here is the configuration at home.

One networked attached storage holding all my music and picture files.

One media PC beside my home theater system

One main PC at my bedroom. Here I play my computer games. Right now am into Civilization IV and World of Warcraft.

One laptop. Here is where I do most of my work because I take the laptop to office.

Internet connection via PLDT DSL connected to a wireless router.

Printer connected to the network via a wireless print server.

And I can also play my iTunes music through my home theater system via Airport Express and Airtunes. I can control the home theater system through any PC, even the laptop. I don't have to load any CD.

And when I am on the road, I have all my music files and my podcasts on my 40Gb iPod. Unfortunately, I don't have the new iPod with video.


Anonymous PHL said...

Wondering if you could recommend wireless print servers.

I want it to be wired/wireless, meaing both with a wireless antenna and a RJ-45. And preferrably with USB and the traditional parallel port. One USB + 1 Parallel Port will do but if it has more, I wouldn't mind as long as it still fits within my budget. As for the wireless part, preferrably 802.11g instead of 802.11b since WiMax is almost coming out not to mention the availability of Pre-N products.

Thanks! :-)

Also made a comment about your quote from the True Lies? Let me know if I was the one that erred. :-)

3:51 PM  

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