Thursday, December 08, 2005


I checked by Hipstir account. So far 3 friends and 4 profile views. Well it was languishing with 2 profile views until I added pictures. Still nobody finds me attractive enough to warrant a response. Either that or they are too scared because of my voracious appetite!

Anyway, got a call from one of the Hipstir girls. She is apparently into heavy phone sex. Quite wild. Full of obsecenities and dirty words. Maybe I'll record it and post it here.

But I am still wondering what's the catch. I mean she posted her number in Hipstir. She advertises herself as a "sex goddess." No such thing as a free lunch I would say.

And then she asked for a sex video of me playing with myself. Interesting. I am not inclined to provide any video of myself in such compromising acts. Lets see how it plays out.


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