Friday, December 09, 2005

Sony's Debacle

Apparently, in their efforts to restrict piracy and unauthorized duplication of music CDs, Sony had bundled several of their CD titles with a software that prevents duplication of the music CD. In other words, you can play the CD on a CD player or on your computer but the software prevents you from importing the songs as MP3, AAC, or what not.

Comes out that the software is a rootkit. In other words it installs itself onto your computer in such a way that even the OS cannot detect it. The danger, obviously, is that no anti-virus or anti-spyware tool can control this software. This software is reportedly so badly written that it can make your PC unstable. To make matters worse, there are reports that this software installs itself EVEN IF YOU DON'T AGREE TO THE EULA! And the final nail on the coffin? There is a report that there are two trojan malware that takes advantage of the software's weaknesses. Already class action suits are being filed against Sony.

Sony is really on a downward trajectory. Ever since founder Akio Morita passed the baton, Sony has been making a lot of bad management decisions. Their foray into the movie industry has been met with disaster. Their PSP, though definitely eye-catching, has not achieved the same critical mass as, for example, the iPod. Samsung and LG are knocking on their doors. And now their debacle with digital rights management has brought them shame and anger from the tech community.

As for me, a company as arrogant as Sony to think that we are all thieves and pirates does not warrant my business. Am going to dispose of all my Sony stuff---my Ericsson phones, to begin with. What's Sony anyway but just an expensive brand name? It no longer equates to quality. And with this latest debacle, it no longer equates to honest and customer care.


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