Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Google on a downward trajectory

I once thought that Microsoft should be worried about Google. Now, after reading the news of CES and seeing the latest output from Google, I am now re-thinking my position on this company.

Lets start with Google Pack. Now isn't this a bunch of crappy software? Google Search is a resource eater. Who needs a Google screensaver? Why bundle a toolbar for IE AND Firefox? Who doesn't have Adobe Reader? They bundle a TRIAL version of Symantec Norton Anti-Virus when there is a reported vulnerability in all Symantec products. Besides, there are a lot of free anti-virus products out there (I use avast). No bundled firewall? And Real Player????

Some tech pundits analyze this as Google's "F**K YOU" flipping-a-bird gesture at Microsoft byy releasing tools that highlight Microsoft's weaknesses. But seriously, if they want to flip a bird at Bill Gates, releasing crap against crap is not the way to do it. Besides, why compete with Microsoft at the Operating System level? I don't think that Google's core competency is on the PC level---it is in the web space. And they are not in the business of selling software---their business is in advertisements. So the more they get people to flock to the web and into their site, the more eyeballs and hits they get, the more ad revenue they garner. So Google should try to get users to move away from applications on the PC and get applications on the web. Writely already has an incredible web-based word-processor---Google should seriously consider buying that company.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Buwayahman:

Here's what's written on Google Pack's site:

Google Pack is:
Essential: Enjoy safe, useful software for your computer
Simple: Download and install everything in just a few clicks
Customizable: Choose only the software you want
Up to date: Get updates and new software via Google Updater
Learn more

System Requirements

Windows XP with Administrator privileges (What's this?)
Firefox 1.0+ or Internet Explorer 6.0+

I think basically Google is just trying to get the newbies and those people who never bother to update a chance to catch up. How many people are still using Arcobat Reader 4.0 because that's what's bundle with their display driver? Even if they have enough bandwidth (broadband/dsl) most of them don't bother. Of course it's not as if it's that essential. Anyway, none the programs are targeted at the Microsoft Office suite, maybe Google sitll have somethings up their sleeve? Why don't we just wait and see. Remember Google is a web search engine (at least to begin with) so don't expect them to be putting out their own office suite. (Unless it's an open-source adaptation/implementation).

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